Bear Mode is a SCRUFF feature that auto-applies community interest filters to show you only bears or those who are into bears in the Discover and Nearby grids. 

  • When active, Bear Mode is automatically applied to the grids.
  • When active, Bear Mode also appears as an optional filter in the Search grid criteria.
  • Besides auto-filtering, Bear Mode does not enable, disable, or otherwise alter free or Pro functionality.
  • If you do a search that conflicts with the Bear Mode filter setting, it is possible that no results will be returned.

Turn Bear Mode On and Off

Bear Mode can be activated and deactivated on the Profile tab:
  1. Go to Account and then Edit profile.
  2. Ensure you have selected I am a bear or I am into bears under Communities.
  3. Tap Save or < Back to save your profile update.
  4. Tap the Bear Mode toggle switch ON or to deactivate Bear Mode, toggle the switch OFF.
  5. The logo will change to Bear Mode when returning to the Nearby grid.