Nearby Grid

Nearby Grid

The Nearby grid shows you guys nearby your current location. By default, it presents a selection of guys near you who are, or have recently been, online. Guys are ordered in your grid by increasing distance from your location (as reported by the GPS capabilities of your mobile device)

Location Search

The Nearby grid can also display guys that are near any address or business searchable in Maps. To use this feature

  • Tap the Filters button (upper-right corner), tap the Location field, and enter your search query

By default, the result of a location search is a selection of guys near the searched location who are, or have recently been, online. Guys are ordered in your grid by increasing distance from the search location. When using non-specific queries (e.g. "London"), SCRUFF will use the coordinates that Maps consider the geographic center of the location searched.  For more predictable results, make your location searches as precise as possible.

Nearby Grid Features & Actions

  • Searches & Filters. You can apply powerful searches and filters (alone or in concert) to help you find exactly the kinds of guys you are looking for. For more information, refer to the Nearby / Location Searches & Filters Guide
  • Other functions. Refer to the Grid View Functions guide for a complete list of actions that can be taken on the Nearby grid

SCRUFF Pro Enhancements to the Nearby Grid

  • More guys. SCRUFF Free members can view up to 100 (150 with a complete profile) guys in the Nearby grid at one time. SCRUFF Pro members can view up to 1000 guys
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