Create & manage rooms

Create & manage rooms

While on the  SCRUFF Venture main page, tap Rooms   (iOS) -or- (Android) to create, edit or delete your room listings in any of the Featured destination cities.

You can list a room even if your city is not one of the available cities, however, the listing will appear in your Profile Details only and not in SCRUFF Venture.

NOTE You can only list one room per Venture destination city.


  1. Open SCRUFF
  2. Tap the Explore icon 🌐  in the bottom menu bar and then tap the Venture tab selector
  3. Tap Rooms for iOS -or- and select Rooms for Android.
  4. Tap “+” (top right) to open the Room Editor. Please complete each field of the room editor to successfully save your room listing.
  • Location - Tap to search for an available SCRUFF Venture destination where your room is located.
  • Listing Type - Select between Entire Apartment or Private Room
  • Title - Title that appears on your room listing in SCRUFF Venture 
  • URL** - Enter your listing URL into the entry field
  • Description - Enter details for your room
  • Price - Enter the dollar amount for your room
  • Currency - Choose your currency type
  • Frequency - Choose your renewal type
  • Listing Style -   Featured profiles include photo, or choose Standard
  • Photo - Tap to access your photos, then tap the source location and desired photo. Crop your photo and then tap Crop twice to complete
  • Tap  Done for iOS or Create for Android after completing each entry field (top right). Your room listing will be visible in the rooms section of the corresponding featured destination in SCRUFF Venture.
  • NOTE

    You may create only 1 room listing per destination and only 3 room listings total per profile

    1. Open SCRUFF
    2. Tap the Explore icon 🌐  in the bottom menu bar and then tap the Venture tab selector
    3. Tap Rooms   for iOS -or- and select Rooms for Android
    4. Select the room that you would like to edit or delete
    5. Select Edit to open the Room Editor (iOS only)
      • You can make any necessary changes and press Done (iOS) or Update (Android) when completed.
      • You can also delete your room by tapping Delete at the bottom (iOS) or the trash can top right (Android) of the Room Editor screen, then tap Delete again to confirm.


     Room listing URLs must be be listed on one of the Approved Room Listing Services below:


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