Face pic guidelines

Face pic guidelines

SCRUFF automatically detects facial features when your profile photo is uploaded. While your face my be present in your photo, it should be clearly visible.

Photos in violation of the face pic guidelines depict one or more of the following issues:

  • Any part of your face is cropped out / obscured / concealed
  • You are too far away for facial features to be clearly visible
  • Contrast or sharpness conditions make it difficult to distinguish facial features

If your photo violates one or more of the guidelines above, your photo may not be considered a face pic. Profiles that do not have a face pic:

  • Will not be able to use SCRUFF Match
  • Will not appear in the Online grids on the Discover tab
  • Will not appear in search results for "Face Pic"

To resolve face pic issues, try uploading a new photo where your face is clearly visible, ensuring it does not violate the guidelines presented above.


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