iOS 14 or greater required

iOS 14 or greater required

To ensure compatibility with the latest iOS versions and devices and to facilitate ongoing improvements to SCRUFF features, reliability, and performance-- we no longer support versions of iOS older than iOS 14.

 To check the version of iOS running on your device:

  1. Open the iOS Settings App 
  2. Tap About 
  3. Scroll down to Version 
  4. To install or update SCRUFF, your iOS version number must be greater than or equal to 14

You must update SCRUFF to the latest version to:

  1. Create a new profile
  2. Update your profile photo
  3. Use SCRUFF Match

If you upgrade to a new device running iOS 14 or later you will be able to install SCRUFF and access your profile by logging in to it. All favorites, messages, blocks, PRO subscriptions, etc. are associated with your profile and will be automatically transferred and enabled on the new device once you have successfully logged in to your current SCRUFF profile.


NOTE Before upgrading your device, confirm you have added an email address and password on your profile (via Settings > Profile Editor). You will need this information to log in to your profile on the your device.

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