Notifications settings (Android)

Notifications settings (Android)

To customize notifications settings on Android, please first choose your Android OS version below.

Disable / enable all notifications
  1. In SCRUFF, tap the main MENU (three lines) .
  2. Then tap Settings > App preferences > Notification settings, tap Configure.
  3. This will open the Android App Notification settings for SCRUFF.
  4. Toggle the switch for ON to enable or disable all notifications. 

Customize notifications for a specific channel

  1. Under Categories, tap the desired channel (Messages, Woofs, etc.).
    • ON Toggle notifications ON or OFF for that channel
    • ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS Toggle the ON switch to ON
    • IMPORTANCE Change how notifications for this channel are delivered to your device
    • SOUND Change or disable notification sound for this channel
    • VIBRATE Enable or disable vibrate for this channel
    • LOCK SCREEN Change visibility of notification content for this channel
    • NOTIFICATION DOT Show dot on app icon when there is an active notification
    • OVERRIDE Let notifications for this channel override Do Not Disturb settings
  2. Press <- Back to save your changes.


If the Sound is changed for any channel, it will remove the SCRUFF default app sound permanently. You must uninstall and reinstall SCRUFF to restore the SCRUFF default app sound.


To enable or disable notifications on your Android device, please perform the following steps:

1. In SCRUFF, tap the main MENU (three lines).

2. Then tap Settings > App Preferences.

2. In the bottom section of the screen, titled Notifications, you will see the following options:

Disable push
  • Toggle ON to disable all push notifications
  • Toggle OFF to enable all push notifications
Hide preview
  • Toggle ON to hide sensitive notification content
  • Toggle OFF to show all notification content
No bar
  • Toggle ON to disable snackbar notifications
  • Toggle OFF to enable snackbar notifications
No audio
  • Toggle ON to silence audible notifications within SCRUFF
  • Toggle OFF to enable audible notifications within SCRUFF
  • Toggle ON to activate vibration notifications for new messages in SCRUFF
  • Toggle OFF to deactivate vibration notifications for new messages in SCRUFF
No light
  • Toggle ON to deactivate the notification light
  • Toggle OFF to activate the notification light 
No grouping
  • Toggle ON to disable the grouping of notifications
  • Toggle OFF to enable the grouping of notifications

3. Select an option(s) and press back to exit App preferences and save your changes. You may need to completely exit and restart SCRUFF for these changes to take effect.


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