Pro Subscriptions FAQ (iOS Devices)

Pro Subscriptions FAQ (iOS Devices)

You will need to cancel your monthly subscription BEFORE subscribing to the longer duration subscription. We recommend you do this near the end of your billing cycle, as Apple does not allow us to refund members for unused time, nor credit time towards a longer subscription. Apple does not allow developers to interact with iTunes accounts, so you must disable auto-renewal via iTunes. Please click here for instructions on how to disable auto-renewal.

Apple does not allow developers to interact with iTunes accounts, so you must manually disable auto-renewal via iTunes. Please click here for instructions on how to disable auto-renewal.

SCRUFF has a no-refunds policy for subscription purchases made via iTunes. If you are encountering difficulties or are unsatisfied with the service, please submit a support request and we will be happy to assist you.

As above, Browsing Pro and Messaging Pro combined give you all the functionality of SCRUFF Pro, so if you have both subscriptions and you wish to remain billed on a monthly cycle, you need not make any changes. If you have only Browsing Pro OR Messaging Pro, or you have both but wish to take advantage of the discounts afforded by longer SCRUFF Pro subscription durations, you can upgrade to SCRUFF Pro immediately, BUT BE STRONGLY ADVISED OF THE FOLLOWING:

    • Subscribing to SCRUFF Pro WILL NOT automatically cancel your existing Browsing Pro and/or Messaging Pro subscription(s)
    • Due to the privacy and security protections Apple places on your iTunes account, SCRUFF and its personnel DO NOT have he ability to
      • Immediately cancel your Pro subscription(s)
      • Disable auto-renewal of your Pro subscription(s). You MUST do so manually via your iTunes account. For instructions, please click here
      • Issue refunds for Pro subscription(s)
      • Modify the renewal date of Pro subscription(s)
      • Credit you for unused time on Pro subscription(s) that duplicate functionality, e.g. active Browsing Pro AND SCRUFF Pro
    • The presence of active Browsing/Messaging Pro subscriptions (whether or not you have disabled auto-renewal) WILL NOT delay billing for a new SCRUFF Pro subscription purchase (e.g. until after Browsing/Messaging Pro expire). All in-app purchases and subscriptions for every App on the App Store are billed IMMEDIATELY at the time of purchase. Therefore, after disabling auto-renewal of Browsing/Messaging Pro, we further recommend you then wait for these subscription(s) to expire to ensure you receive the full value of your prior Browsing/Messaging Pro subscription(s).


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