Profile verification

Profile verification

What is profile verification?

We’re helping make SCRUFF even more safe and secure. We verify your identity by using your main profile photo alongside poses that you make.

What are the requirements to verify my profile?

  1. Your profile must be online
  2. Your profile must have an associated email address
  3. Your main profile photo must be an approved face photo

How can I verify my profile?

  1. In SCRUFF, tap the Account icon.
  2. Tap the verification icon asset next to your profile name, then tap Get Verified.
  3. You’ll be shown a pose, then asked to copy that pose with your camera.
  4. Ensure that you got the right shot and that your pose matches the one presented, then tap They Match.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with a secondary pose.

What happens after I submit my verification request?

Our moderation team will compare your poses with your main profile photo. You will be notified in SCRUFF with your verification status. If your verification request is approved, the verified icon verified badge will appear next to your profile name.

Why wasn't my verification request approved?

If your poses do not match your main profile photo or include a clear face, your verification request may not be approved.

What if I cannot match a pose?

If you’re experiencing trouble with a particular pose, exit the profile verification flow and start again.

If you need more help with poses or are experiencing another issue related to profile verification, please Contact Us.

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