SCRUFF Pro is not enabled (Google Play)

SCRUFF Pro is not enabled (Google Play)

The Google servers that process in-app subscription purchases and renewals occasionally approve a transaction but fail to notify SCRUFF. If this happens when you purchase a Pro feature (or when your subscription renews), the subscription feature may not be enabled (or may appear to have expired) in SCRUFF. If this is the case, you can restore your Google Play subscription provided you have an active subscription with Google Play. 


Restore a Google Play subscription in SCRUFF

  1. Launch SCRUFF 
  2. Tap MENU (three horizontal lines in top left)
  3. Select Upgrade to SCRUFF Pro
  4. Tap MENU (3 dots in top right)
  5. Tap Restore Google Play subscriptions
  6. Confirm Restore
  7. Once complete, press back to completely Exit SCRUFF 
  8. Open SCRUFF



  • Android device settings may vary slightly by Android version installed and device manufacturer. As a result, the above steps may vary slightly for your specific device.
  • The above process will only work for currently active SCRUFF Pro subscriptions.
  • If you are trying to renew a previously expired subscription, please select a new subscription package and re-subscribe. 

If you are still experiencing issues activating your SCRUFF Pro subscription after following the above steps, please submit a support request for assistance.

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