SCRUFF Settings for iOS

SCRUFF Settings for iOS

To access SCRUFF settings on iOS devices, while on any from any grid on the Browse tab, tap Settings  in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.


Tap Profile Editor to update your profile information and / or profile photo

Tap Go Online or Offline to login or logout your profile

View or remove previously blocked or hidden profiles from your blocked list

SCRUFF App settings can be managed here, for more details visit App Preferences

SCRUFF App privacy settings can be managed here, for more details visit Privacy Settings

Settings related to your device and technical issues experienced with SCRUFF
  • Manage Devices - Manage devices associated with your profile
  • Switch Profile - Switch / login to an alternate SCRUFF profile
  • Clear Device Cache - Clear your local cache for Support
  • Test GPS - Test GPS location for your profile
  • Test Connection - Connection diagnostic testing for Support
  • Send Device ID - Obtain your device id for Support
Submit and review your SCRUFF support requests, check server status and view FAQs
  • Check Status - Check status of SCRUFF servers
  • SCRUFF FAQs - SCRUFF Help Center support articles & FAQs
  • New / View Support Request - Tap to submit a new or view an existing open support request.


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