SCRUFF Venture Ambassadors

SCRUFF Venture Ambassadors

An Ambassador is someone who has volunteered to be emissaries of goodwill for their cities. How well do you know your city? Do you think you could give advice on where to go and what to see? Do you like being helpful? Become a SCRUFF Ambassador!

Ambassadors are listed on a special Ambassadors grid of each Venture destination page, you’ll also have an Ambassadors listing in your Profile Details. We truly believe that locals make the best city guides. As a volunteer ambassador, we ask that you be available to answer questions from tourists and visitors such as:

  • Where to stay
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Places to go for sightseeing
  • Where to find good eats

Ambassadors are not required to meet in person with anyone. If you contact an Ambassador please bear in mind that they may not be available for immediate response, be patient and respectful.


  1. Open SCRUFF
  2. Tap the Explore iconin the bottom menu bar and then tap the Venture tab selector
  3. Tap the available city you live in
  • ANDROID - Tap Menu (top right)
  • IOS - Tap “+” (top right)
  • Tap Become Ambassador
  • Read the Ambassador Terms and tap Continue if you agree 
    1. Open SCRUFF
    2. Tap the Explore iconin the bottom menu bar and then tap the Venture tab selector
    3. Tap the city you are an Ambassador of
    • Android: Tap Menu (top right)
    • iOS: Tap “+” (top right)
  • Tap Stop Being Ambassador

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