Send location in chat

Send location in chat

In SCRUFF version 5.1 and up, you can send your current location to other members in chat. To send your location to another member in chat, see the following information below. 


To send your location from an Android device:
  1. Open the message with the member you wish to share your location with
  2. Tap Menu
  3. Tap Share location
  4. Confirm your location in the map dialog is correct and tap Send
  • For more details on location in SCRUFF, tap here

Sending your location in chat from your Android device

To send your location from an iOS device:
  1. Open a chat message
  2. Tap s5_icon_location_copy.svg in the chat bar
  3. Confirm your current location -or- Select a future location to meet up
  4. Tap the Send send_AI18_copy.svg button when you are ready to send your location

For more details on location in SCRUFF, tap here



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