The Official SCRUFF Guide

The Official SCRUFF Guide

Welcome to the Official SCRUFF Guide!


To see a list of SCRUFF icons, visit the Icon Guide


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      SCRUFF Match is powered by the relationship status and open to sections of your profile. Visit your profile settings to make sure you see the kinds of members you’re into. SCRUFF SINGLES If you select single or widowed for your relationship status ...
    • SCRUFF Settings for iOS

      To access SCRUFF settings on iOS devices, while on any from any grid on the Browse tab, tap Settings in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Profile Editor Tap Profile Editor to update your profile information and / or profile photo Go ...
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      SCRUFF Menu (3 horizontal lines): SCRUFF Pro - Subscribe or Manage SCRUFF Pro Settings - SCRUFF settings Menu Profile Editor - Tap to edit your profile information and or profile image SCRUFF Pro - Subscribe or Manage SCRUFF Pro Go Offline / Online - ...
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      An Ambassador is someone who has volunteered to be emissaries of goodwill for their cities. How well do you know your city? Do you think you could give advice on where to go and what to see? Do you like being helpful? Become a SCRUFF Ambassador! ...
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      Online status & profile states Online Active within the last 2 hours Recently Online Active 2–24 hours ago Inactive Active more than 24 hours ago, but not set to offline by the user No Dot Offline Profile was set to offline by the user New Member ...