What is SCRUFF Venture?

What is SCRUFF Venture?

SCRUFF Venture makes connecting before and while you travel easier and more prominent in cities across the world. 

  • To see traveler-friendly views of activity in over 500 destinations, tap the Explore iconexplore iconin the bottom navigation bar and then tap Venture.

To view a specific destination city, you can either scroll through or search the list of destinations on the main page in SCRUFF Venture. Venture icons for each destination indicate the following:

Visitors All guys currently visiting or visiting soon in the next 90 days 

Events All current or upcoming events for that destination

Ambassadors Total number of ambassadors for that destination


Easily see how many members are planning trips, currently visiting, what events are happening around the world and member created room listing for each destination. 

  • Who is online in the city right now
  • Who is Visiting Now and who is Visiting Soon.
  • Who has volunteered to be an Ambassador of their city. Ambassadors are members who have pledged to provide friendly advice and recommendations to visitors in their city (we hope you’ll consider volunteering!). For more information on Ambassadors click (here)
  • What Events are coming up and who’s interested in attending
  • What Airbnb, misterbnb and VRBO Rooms listed by SCRUFF members are available (if you have one, we hope you consider promoting your listing on SCRUFF!)


Trips & Rooms

While viewing SCRUFF Venture, tap the Rooms or Travelogue icons (located in the top right) to list a room or plan a trip. Trips and Rooms will also be automatically listed in your profile.


Tap on the travelogue icon trips_sm_01.svg to see a list of your planned trips. Press the “+” button (top right) to add a new trip. Trips that have a corresponding city will appear in that city’s Visiting Soon grid. If your destination is not one of the   listed cities don’t worry, the trip information will still appear in your Profile Details and not in SCRUFF Venture.

For more information on Room Listings or the Travelogue:

Room Listings

Tap on the rooms icon rooms_sm_01.svg to list a room in any of the available SCRUFF Venture destination cities. You can list a room even if your city is not one of the current listed cities, however, the listing will appear in your profile details and not in SCRUFF Venture.


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