My Albums

My Albums

SCRUFF albums allow you to upload and share additional photos / videos with other SCRUFF members. These photos are associated with your profile and can be accessed from any device.

For more on using or managing your SCRUFF albums, select an album type below:

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    • Other Albums

      SCRUFF Pro members can create and access albums containing photos and videos stored on their profile, available from all devices. This provides a discreet alternative to your device's photo gallery / camera roll. Photos are organized in albums which ...
    • SCRUFF Pro enhancements to private albums

      SCRUFF Pro enhancements to private albums include the following: Store an unlimited number of photos in your Private Album. Up from the free limit of 3 Private Album photos Share your Private Album with an unlimited number of guys. Up from the free ...
    • Can I take screenshots of photos or videos?

      Screenshots of chat conversations and Private Albums is disabled. For more details on screenshot and personal content protection, click here.
    • Your Private Album

      Your private album allows you to share photos and videos quickly and easily with other members. For more details on using and managing your private album, please see the topics provided below: View your private album Tap the Account icon (top menu ...
    • Your Recent album

      SCRUFF keeps a list of recently sent photos and videos from all of your devices, so you can send your favorites in chat even faster. Free members can send the last two recently sent photos or videos. Subscribe to SCRUFF Pro to send unlimited recent ...