Update SCRUFF (Error 433)

Update SCRUFF (Error 433)

Effective March 28, 2024

To ensure compatibility with the latest Android and iOS versions and devices, and to facilitate ongoing improvements to SCRUFF features, reliability, and performance, we no longer support versions 7.0 or or lower.

Devices with SCRUFF version 7.0 or lower installed will no longer be able to send chat messages. As a result, you may see Error 433 when sending a chat message.

You can follow the links provided below to check for the latest updates:

  • Get the latest version for iOS devices from the App Store here.
  • Get the latest version for Android devices from Google Play here. 
  • Android devices that do not support Google Play Services, visit www.scruff.com/sideload.

If an update is not available for SCRUFF, your device may not be running a supported version of Android or iOS. The following OS versions are supported:

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